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Welcome to GlowUpBeauty

The place to find luxury beauty products for less, designed for people who want to pamper themselves in the comfort of their own home.

The spark behind GlowUpBeauty..

GLOW UP Beauty is a luxury range of products lovingly created to ensure customers have a luxurious experience whilst leaving  the prices to speak for themselves.


GLOW UP Beauty was a result of many beauty reviews on a what started as a small YouTube channel by a wife and mom of two boys called Juliette, or more commonly know in the world of social media as "Being Mrs Dudley". After years of trying out many different products Juliette quickly learnt a few things... She knew that she loved finding a luxury product that was also affordable. She knew that she couldn't promote some items because, would she really pay those prices herself or even be able to afford to indulge on luxury items on herself all the time? Juliette soon realised that she wasn't alone in her thoughts but actually was amongst a large group of people who also loved luxury products but not always the price tag. Being able to do D.I.Y beauty at home in any spare time was important, she still loved to indulge in some much needed self-care and get some "me" time. So Juliette went on a mission to create a brand that would be loved by many, products with a luxury feel but also be affordable. Being Mrs Dudley was a channel dedicated to help find more affordable alternatives to luxury products, finding those hidden gems in the wide world of the saturated beauty market. Until... that hidden gem became "GLOW UP Beauty" 


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