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The most important thing when creating a flawless tan is to prepare your skin. By not doing this properly your tan can become patchy and scaly and we don't want that do we?

HAIR REMOVAL - If you are wanting to remove any hair prior to tanning we recommend you do this 24 hours before applying your tan or if you don't have that time we advise running your legs (or the area you have removed hair from) under very cold water. Doing this will close the pores up and prevent dotty, spotty or irritated skin. 

EXFOLIATION TIPS - We are currently working on an incredible tan eraser that will not only give you the perfect blank canvas but also prepares the skin, especially used alongside our GLOW UP Beauty exfoliating mitt. However, if you don't have an eraser, or an exfoliating mitt for that matter we recommend a good salt or sugar scrub to get rid of any dry skin.

MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE!! - It is so important to hydrate your skin before tanning as fake tans can dry it out. GLOW UP Beauty Luxury tanning mousse was developed with moisture locking technology that helps keep the skin hydrated whilst tanning but it is still important to moisturise prior to tanning, paying special attention to those drier areas such as the elbows, knees and hands. Our top tip is to use a body oil, it moisturises the skin and leaves it velvety soft for application. 

USE THE RIGHT TOOLS - Whilst some may think you don't need all the gear to get the perfect tan, we here at GLOW UP Beauty believe all the application tools we sell serve a purpose for the perfect application and also make things so much easier to do your tan independently.

  • Our GLOW UP Beauty Luxury tanning mitt, provides a soft velvety material that glides over your skin for a streak free tan.

  • The GLOW UP Beauty Luxury mini mitt and the GLOW UP Beauty luxury tanning brush, are the perfect duo for those difficult areas to get right; such as the face and the hands.

  • Our GLOW UP Beauty Luxury back tanner is just evolutionary and no longer do you have to ask for someone to lend a hand or go out with a pale back. 

AFTER CARE- The art of tanning continues even after it has developed. We recommend that after the initial shower/bath that washes away the tan indicator, every time you shower use a light exfoliating body pouffe so that your tan gradually fades evenly in preparation for your next Glow Up! 

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