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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Being a mom of two boys, most mornings i'm woken up by a two year old toddler jumping on my belly and so the getting ready portion of my morning is normally a mad rush, leaving little time for self care.

Over the years i've picked up many DIY beauty tricks that I follow to ensure that if I have to dash out on the school run with only 10 minutes to spare, if I bump into an ex from 10 years ago I don't look like an extra from a zombie apocalypse movie!


Obviously step 1 is waking up with a healthy glow and for that I use the GLOW UP Beauty Luxury tanning mousse in shade Ultimate dark. Please don't think for a second that I only use this tan because its my own, I love many tans out there but for different reasons. So when I decided to create my own tan I picked all my favourite bits from all the different tans I had used over the years and rolled them into one. I love how this tan moisturises my skin and gives it such a radiant glow instantly. The biggest thumbs up is that the guide colour is natural and not crazy dark, meaning that if I apply a fresh tan in the morning, I know that i can go straight out for the day without looking like i've had a brief encounter with a mud bath!


Okay, so listen up, you heard it here first. After YEARS of trying to discover the perfect tint for my eyebrows I set upon a eyebrow journey of discovery for my channel ( ) and tested some very strange but highly recommended alternatives and do you want to know which one became the winner?.... None other than a Just For Men eyebrow Tint. Yes, you heard me right, a beard and moustache dye! call me crazy but girls (and guys!!) this works like a dream. Way quicker and also WAY CHEAPER!!


With my lashes I am yet to finalise a perfect GLOW UP Beauty Lash, but rest assured this IS coming soon. About 6 months ago I fell in love with the Lashify system, an american based lash system that applies semi- permanent lashes underneath the lashes on the lash line. I LOVE this system, but with such an intricate product comes a huge tug on the purse strings. So, I am on a mission to create my own hybrid system so watch this space.

In the meantime however, my favourite every day lashes are the Eylure natural 003 3/4 lashes. I think the secret to a natural everyday strip lash is a 3/4 lash. By pet hate is eyelashes lifting in the inner corner, not a great look is it really? Not to mention the stabbing pain when you position it wrongly?! Ouchies, is all can say.


Hair is obviously different for everyone but 2 of my must have hair items that I can't live without are:

-Zala seamless tape in extensions for when i'm feeling extra!

-Dry Shampoo (or arrowroot powder)

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